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Public Relations

Building brand and name awareness begins with publicity. A quality public relations campaign couples industry knowledge with ongoing media relationships to maintain awareness of your products and services. We offer extensive knowledge of industry publications and specialize in successfully placing clients in specific targeted media, including newspapers, magazines, radio, television and Web casts. Good publicity is the key to generating and maintaining industry awareness while also portraying an image of industry leadership.


Our hands on, integrated approach to marketing communications generates successful name and brand awareness across a broad spectrum of target audiences.

As a complement to public relations, JDM & Associates designs and develops advertisements in print and on the Web to further promote and maintain name awareness and product identity.

We also produce a wide range of collateral materials in print and on the Web for client media kits - including news releases, brochures, sell sheets, spec sheets, fact sheets and annual reports with crisp, targeted messages. We obtain article reprints for sales & marketing purposes, as well as PDF files of key articles for posting on client Web sites.

Other services include Internet marketing, print and online newsletters, design, corporate identity and branding, ad campaigns, telephone "on hold" messages, professional copywriting and integrated media.


Media outlets are constantly in need of digital photography from our clientele. Whether it's an updated head shot, product photography, or environmental photography, we can complement your public relations and marketing strategy with photography services in and around the Chicagoland area.